World-leading business backs the Murraylands

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World-leading business backs the Murraylands

Peter Wadewitz is a world leader in waste management, and exports BiobiNs across Australia and globally. He chats to us about the benefits of moving Peats Soils operations into the Murraylands and the potential he sees to cut costs, water use and food waste through composting.

Peats Soils takes all sorts of green organics, sludge, manures and food waste and converts it into products that build better soils.

“Moving our operations to Brinkley from Willunga was kind of forced on us by housing encroachment,” says Peter. “But it turned out to be a good force. It’s given us a lot more room to grow and has opened up so many opportunities we’d never have seen.”

The quality of local workers is a major advantage, says Peter. “People come here with a farming background. They’ve got common sense, they’re multi-skilled.”

It’s also been easier to connect with suppliers and customers, says Peter, with the help of RDAs.

“The linking work the RDAs do within and across regions creates opportunities for growth.”

“Because RDA works closely with businesses in the area, there’s more of a personal touch. It’s easier to get communication and get answers.”

Peter is excited about the Murraylands overtaking Virginia as the state’s most productive vegetable growing area.

He sees huge potential for higher compost uptake to reduce regional water use and food waste, and increase soil carbon and farm profits.

“Our sandy areas can become more productive, and salt issues can be rehabilitated.”

“50% of a crop can be lost because we haven’t put compost on it and treated our soil right,” says Peter.

“We worry about the Murray… but it’s been proven again and again that if you mulch, you can save up to 30% on your watering and pumping costs.”

Peats Soils is currently installing a new pelletiser. The new product can be direct seeded, so broadacre farmers can plant a seed and a compost pellet together, building up soil carbon.  Peter hopes farmers will take up this opportunity to improve soil health while earning carbon farming credits.

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