Viva Olives

Terry and Luba Mau (two surgeons from Brisbane) invested in a Mallee pistachio grove back in the late 80s. They never dreamed that 30 years later, the now Viva Olives produce would become one of the most sought-after products in Australia.

Who are Viva Olives?

But they didn’t stop at their (now) 65,000 pistachio trees.

In fact—they went even further with a new line of produce, growing their olive orchard to more than 120,000 trees and serving the growing global affinity for extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

Terry’s self-proclaimed love for the trees, combined with Luba’s passion for innovation, flavour and quality, ensure the olives, oil, pistachios and other products coming out of Viva are some of the best you’ll find in Australia. The couple want to produce quality over quantity and has fostered a local team of skilled experts to make this happen.

We want to rejuvenate the Viva brand, upgrade operations, and create jobs in the local region.

Terry & Luba Mau

Why you’ll love their produce…

Unlike others, the Viva process delivers high quality olives to their place of processing quickly, ensuring they’re not degraded.

Not only this, but new technology in their processing ensures they remove any defective product so it doesn’t go into the oil. All of this combines to provide your palate with a robust oil unlike any other in Australia. In fact, at nearby Salena Estates, the Italian chef prefers Viva’s olive oil to all others, and Viva is shipped around Australia to fine-dining restaurants.

Luba has also been experimenting with the flavour for years and is now using native ingredients with their Kalamata olives to enhance their taste. They also lay claim to having the best-tasting pistachios in Australia, with their Mallee orchard providing the perfect desert temperatures. Unbelievably, these nuts have a unique characteristic, in that they go a beautiful pink colour before harvest unlike any other.

Viva Olives
Fast facts about Viva Olives

Viva Olives producers used to be medical surgeons based in Brisbane

While still an unknown to many westerners, Lebanese people love fresh pistachios, which importantly must be refrigerated and are only available to eat in March

Extra Tasty Fact

Originally sending their olives elsewhere to be processed, the Maus decided to buy a processing plant themselves so they could manage the product at all stages— from tree to table.


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