Toolunka Creek Olives

Who would have thought a Riverland water-skiing holiday would be the catalyst for a sustainable national business – Toolunka Creek Olives.

Who are Toolunka Creek Olives?

Certainly not Craig and Andrea, who in 2006 took a punt on a modest olive grove 10 kilometres from Waikerie.

With Toolunka Creek out the front, who wouldn’t fall in love with this place? Former corporates from Adelaide, Craig McClory and Andrea Chick pride themselves on a sustainable ethos. They are all about a natural, sustainable process, with minimum waste.

With more than 9,000 trees over three farms, the green olive specialists treat rainwater like liquid gold, with quality water a large percentage of their success. Regenerating the backwater behind Toolunka Creek has not only benefited the vulnerable Regent Parrot, but has encouraged the breeding of Banjo frogs. They are literally living with the wildlife, instead of fighting against it.

Handpicking makes for better fruit, with less bruising. There is not much wastage left on the ground to rot.

Craig McClory

Why you’ll love their produce…

Toolunka Creek Olives are hand-picked, and placed into a brine solution for a minimum of 12 months.

This traditional fermentation process has no artificial colours or chemical additives. Handpicking makes for better fruit, with less bruising. There is also not much waste left on the ground to rot. Cured fruit not considered suitable for packaging is directed to other markets including gin and olive paste production.

Regenerative farming processes include no-tillage and mulching of prunings. Fruit dropped during harvest is cleaned up by their local ducks and ibis. Their unique products are used and enjoyed by many of the best chefs around Australia. Products can be purchased at many retailers nationally.

Toolunka Creek Olives
Fast facts about Toolunka Creek Olives

They produce six varieties of premium green olives and Kalamata

Olives are grown without synthetic fertilisers, chemical pesticides or toxic chemicals

Extra Tasty Fact

Produce is packaged at their Keith warehouse and also at Orana in Adelaide. Supporting people with disabilities forms part of their ethos.


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