The Bush Bee Company

The Bush Bee Company is about more than just making honey. It’s about sustainability, wellbeing, supporting local growers and of course, fun.

Who is The Bush Bee Company?

The Decaux family first started selling their honey in 2018.

The Bush Bee Man launched out of Mark’s hobby for keeping bees that he could use to help pollinate his own almond trees—but has become something much bigger. You see, one thing you don’t get from a supermarket shelf is personality.

The Bush Bee Man started to gain a following from Mark’s YouTube videos, because customers loved seeing the entertaining character behind the product. Not only does he make people laugh during these short clips, but he also educates people on the importance of bees to the environment.

We fell in love with bees, and making honey, and we just wanted to share that with everyone.

Mark Decaux

Why you’ll love their produce…

So, while it’s the fun of the brand that gets people interested in this Riverland honey, it’s the brilliant flavour and quality that keep them coming back.

This team extracts honey with no heat filtering, producing a raw honey product that maintains all the nutritional elements nature intended. The Bush Bee Man achieves his versatile ranges of flavours by transporting his bees to different floral sources, giving you a choice of sweet tastes. That’s the only way to get the striking richness of citrus flower, redgum, blue gum, tea tree, scotch thistle, strawberry, and lucerne to name a few.

This kick of flavour will enhance all aspects of your foodie lifestyle, whether it’s used to glaze your favourite sweets, create a one-of-a-kind honey-based dressing, or act as a healthy substitute for refined sugar in cooking. It’s the sweetest health kick you’ve been looking for.

The Bush Bee Man
Fast facts about The Bush Bee Company

They sell and hire bee hives, helping everyone become amateur bee keepers

Produce many different flavours of honey sold throughout the year

Provide bees to other growers to help pollinate their trees

Have a growing beauty range made from bee products

Extra Tasty Fact

The Bush Bee Man has a popular YouTube channel that will make you laugh while you learn about honey and bees.


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