The Almond Farmer

25 years ago, Dennis and Pam Casaretto from The Almond Farmer were ahead of the game, recognising the health benefits and versatility of almonds.

Who is The Almond Farmer?

25 years ago, Dennis and Pam Casaretto planted almond trees at Taylorville, in the Riverland.

Today, more than 30,000 almond trees across two properties continue to produce high-quality tasty almonds, grown naturally, packed full of vitamins and minerals. With son Jarrad now at the helm, The Almond Farmer has expanded from bulk almonds to spreads and oils, making inroads into the popular health food market.

Sustainable practices are at the heart of operations, with solar energy, drip irrigation and various no-waste practices utilised every day. Almond produce that can’t be made into food is pressed into 100 per cent pure almond skincare oil—a great way of making the business more sustainable in the long term.

The natural ethos includes the use of permaculture, and building up beneficial insects in place of insecticides. Almonds are frozen instead of sprayed to rid of any pesky bugs before sorting.

We use a selective variety of almonds, to ensure we get the best quality product.

Jarrad Casaretto

Why you’ll love their produce…

Completely natural, all produce is free from hazardous insecticides, pathogens and toxins—almonds that are safer for you and the environment.

Focusing on five specific varieties of almonds, the spreads and butters contain the perfect blend, complete with a creamy buttery flavour. From a bulk snack product to numerous butters, spreads and oils, the team is always on the lookout for opportunities to value-add and share their product more widely.

This has included a strong following by the allergy community. With no other nuts processed on site, The Almond Farmer provides a safe option, with no cross-contamination risk. The new baking range is also popular, with almond flour, meal and oil becoming the product of choice as many people find themselves back in the kitchen.

The Almond Farmer
Fast facts about The Almond Farmer

Almonds are a ‘superfood’ with many health benefits

Grown sustainably, with no chemicals

Exports to 8 countries around the world

Extra Tasty Fact

Permaculture farming systems encourage the good insects, like spiders, to help manage potential bad almond-eating insects.


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