Singing Magpie Produce

Sue Heward’s tree-change took her back to where it all started, among the rich and generous soils of the Riverland at the Heward family’s orchard, now Singing Magpie Produce.

Who are Singing Magpie Produce?

100 years after her grandfather Jack ‘Amos’ planted grapes, figs and quinces, Sue’s vision of producing quality sun-dried fruit and gourmet goodies is well on its way.

Throughout her Master’s Degree in Public Health, worldly travels and a career in health, food remained a passion for Sue. Returning home with partner Mark and daughter Frankie, Sue was excited for her young family to experience the wild and free country lifestyle of the Riverland. Working on the 100-year-old family orchard that harvests 200 quince trees, 1000 figs and 70 tonnes of wine grapes, Sue recognised the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the Riverland and its premium produce, so Singing Magpie Produce was born.

The vision is to keep it simple and don’t skimp on quality. Helping people to understand where and how their food is produced; creating a less complex, shortened food supply chain.

The vision is to keep it simple, don’t skimp on quality, and care about our ecological footprint.

Sue Heward

Why you’ll love their produce…

The figs are naturally sundried to retain their best ‘figgy’ qualities, including intense flavour and a decadent chewy, stickiness that blends beautifully with many texture and flavour combinations.

They are handpicked, dried in the Riverland sun and shipped directly to customers. Totally unique across Australia, Singing Magpie’s 100 per cent sun-dried Smyrna quince is a labour of love and an amazing addition to a Summer grazing platter and a Winter frangipane tart.

The ever-popular Rainbow Deluxe Gift Box, filled with a rainbow selection of sun-dried fruit, its a perfect way of telling the Riverland story. More than 1,000 gift boxes of all shapes and sizes are sent across Australia each year.

Nothing is wasted, and there’s always a premium product to make. Low-impact farming methods are used, with the move into sun-dried products, premium chocolate-enrobed fruit and syrups extending the product offering and minimising waste at the same time. They say people buy with their eyes, so no wonder people can’t get enough of Singing Magpie Produce.

Singing Magpie Produce
Fast facts about Singing Magpie Produce

Black Genoa and white Smyrna Figs are naturally sun-dried to retain their best ‘figgy’ qualities using no additives or preservatives

The Smyrna sun-dried Quince is totally unique, 100% quince

Small, boutique-sized bags are popular in gourmet retail stores across Australia making shopping for a grazing platter super easy

Extra Tasty Fact

Rainbow Gift Boxes tell the story of the Riverland.


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