Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies, ‘The Merchandiser’, has worked with a broad range of retailers throughout her 25-year career as a visual merchandiser (VM).

The career of Sarah Davies…

Sarah is passionate about products, people and developing amazing spaces to be experienced.

From “The Merchandiser” she works with retailers to share their stories & products in creative and commercial ways, connecting them with their customers.

Delivering workshops focusing on providing one-on-one support for retail owners and store managers to improve the visual appeal of their business and maximise sales. Sarah can work with you in your store to help you understand how the customer sees your business, what is working and what areas require change that will result in a better shopping experience for your customers.

Key areas covered during store visit:

  • Facade presentation
  • Window displays
  • Floor layout
  • Category management
  • Hot spots
  • Product presentation
  • Presentation of service areas
  • Store ambience

Eligible businesses who are participating in the Agri Food Tourism Development program may be eligible for expert assistance from Sarah or one of our experts.


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