Salena Estate

You can feel the passion and fun from the moment you walk into the Salena Estate Wines cellar door and restaurant.

Who are Salena Estate?

This family-run winery, based between Berri and Loxton, has been producing exceptional premium wines since 1998—and more recently— authentic Italian food (with a local flavour) from its Cucina 837.

With 250 hectares of wine grapes in the Riverland, and as one of the top 20 largest wine producers in the world, the Franchitto family prides itself on consistently growing an exceptional quality of grapes, which it meticulously processes, matures, bottles and packages on site. It’s no wonder the Salena wines team have earned themselves more than 1,500 wine trophies from around the world over the past two decades.

On average, Salena’s produces about 15,000 tonnes of wine each year, which it offers up from its cellar door in the Riverland, and exports to more than 10 countries around the world.

What we want to do here at Salena’s is spark joy in people.

Salena Franchitto – Marketing Manager

Why you’ll love their produce…

The only challenge you’ll have when tasting at Salena’s is working out where to start.

The gorgeous colours, styles and variety, makes their wines some of the most dynamic and innovative in Australia. Their wines vary from the organic Twisted Sticks providing something for the conscious wine-lover, or their absolute premium BFR wine for those wanting a rare find. Otherwise the #genS brand which is relatively new to the market has become one of the most popular styles.

While you’ll come to Salena’s for the wine, you’ll likely stay for the food. Their Italian chef Vincenzo provides a daily dose of exceptional flavours from his kitchen, plating up everything from fresh gnocchi to flavoursome pizzas—taking people back to the old style of rich Italian foods. He uses seasonal food to create the Cucina 837 menu and uses fresh produce from nearby Riverland producers— meaning everything you eat is incredibly fresh.

Salena Estate
Fast facts about Salena Estate

Produces 15,000 tonnes of wine annually

Produces 150,000 cases of organic wine each year, one of the biggest in Australia

Named its winery after first born ‘Salena’

Traditional Limoncello is hand-peeled by the Franchitto family

Exports to over 10 countries

Extra Tasty Fact

Salena’s will soon be opening up Pantry 837 on-site, which will provide fresh pasta, slow-cooked sauces and vacuum-sealed pizza, so you can cook up your Italian feast at home!


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