Rollbusch Quality Meats

A butcher for 30 years, Nige Rollbusch knows good meat. And when he dropped into a Waikerie butcher some five years ago, he nearly brought the now Rollbusch Quality Meats, on the spot.

Who are Rollbusch Quality Meats?

Boasting only local produce, Nige and his wife Toni have built a brand focused on quality and local meat.

From draughting his own cattle to chatting with the farmer, it’s all about creating relationships and using what’s available. Within two years of opening, supermarket fridges to store fresh local fruit and vegetables were installed, making it a one-stop-shop for locals and visitors.

A new kitchen and chef are now producing ready-made meals, utilising homegrown meat and fruit and veg in their lasagnas, stroganoffs and honey chicken meals to name a few.

Nige recognised the potential tourism opportunities in the Riverland, in particular Waikerie, and it wasn’t long until the Waikerie business was complemented by a Barmera property with large production rooms and a small goods plant. Son Alex is just one of the many staff members with progressive ideas, all making the most of the ‘little fruit bowl’ they call home.

We don’t skimp, all the ingredients we use are quality.

Nige Rollbusch

Why you’ll love their produce…

It’s all local. From the beef to the lamb, it all comes from local Riverland farms.

The meat is aged for two months before cutting, ensuring the best quality meat. People drive from afar to purchase their well-known sausages, made of only ‘the good stuff’. Their smallgoods, all made at the new Barmera site, have also become popular additions. Like all good butchers, the face of a kid devouring a piece of fritz remains a priceless sight—even the adults get a piece on the house here!

Their meat lines are complemented by fresh Riverland produce— think tomatoes, capsicums, zucchinis, cucumbers, strawberries, pumpkins and more. The condiment line has also grown, with what began as a sideline gig literally bringing people in the door.

Tourists regularly drop in to pick up their Easter or Christmas orders, with home-grown goodness those in the city could only dream of.

Rollbusch Quality Meats
Fast facts about Rollbusch Quality Meats

Meat can be ordered via an online App, Rollbusch Smallgoods

Bratwurst was named Best in Australia at the national awards

Stockists of local cheeses, olives, olive oils and various other condiments

Extra Tasty Fact

Their extensive sausage flavours include country style beef, bratwurst, jalapeno, butter chicken, pork sweet chilli and capsicum, curried chicken and more.


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