Regional Leadership Development Program

RDAMR are delivering the Murraylands and Riverland Regional Leadership Development Program funded through the Government of South Australia and The Department of Primary Industries and Regions.

SA Government

Current News for the Program

Regional Development South Australia welcomes Minister Clare Scriven’s announcement of a two-year extension of the Regional Leadership Development Program (RLDP).

This brings exciting opportunities for RLDP participants, and we look forward to registering interests for our new 2024 programs very soon!

SA Government extends Regional Leadership Development Program

What is the Regional Leadership Development Program (RLDP)?

Many regional communities struggle to develop and retain their leadership capacity, both in quantity and development of their skills.

Our research has shown a demand for a regional leadership program in the Murraylands and Riverland that would benefit our businesses, our regional organisations and associations, communities, and the broader economy in our region.

This program is funded through the Government of South Australia and The Department of Primary Industries and Regions. The planning and development process is guided by a local and expert Steering Committee, that recognises the great leadership potential in the region, but it needs to be stimulated and fostered through more conscious investment in leadership skill development.

The intention is to put in place a framework that enables the delivery of a long-term sustainable leadership program, sponsored by business, community, government, and philanthropic organisations in the Murraylands and Riverland with regional economic and social benefits beyond the project deliverables.

Workshops Available

2024 Workshops Coming Soon!
Expected Outcomes

Increase ability to communicate well and with confidence

Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style, traits and values

Discover mindful leadership as you build your resilience and adaptability

Feel confident and empowered to take action and initiate change in areas that are important to you and the community

Build connections and relationships with your peers and networks of other community leaders

Program Activities

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About The Leaders Institute of South Australia

The Leaders Institute develops impactful leaders by encouraging self-awareness and providing opportunities to experience different perspectives – because better leaders create a better South Australia.

We are a not-for-profit organisation committed to developing a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous South Australia by developing impactful leaders.

Focussing on holistic leadership development to foster future leaders, our innovative leadership programs expand the capacity and performance of individuals and teams at all levels.

We work with both emerging and established leaders across private enterprise, government, and community organisations. We exist to develop impactful leaders.

Through our leadership development programs we help to create a powerful sense of connection between individuals, their organisations, and the wider community. This develops leaders with an outward focus and strong collaboration skills, who understand that their greatest value is the impact they can have on the world around them.

True impact radiates beyond one or two people. It’s felt by strangers, businesses, and the next generation. That’s the kind of impact the Leaders Institute empowers. A not-for-profit association, for over 20 years we have been developing leaders by encouraging self-awareness and providing opportunities to understand the big picture and different perspectives.

How We Work: Our Expertise

We deliver programs that build adaptive leadership capacity; the practise of mobilising people to tackle tough challenges and thrive. Adaptive leaders have strategic foresight, thrive in complexity, and can integrate multiple perspectives and systems to lead change successfully. Our lively and experiential programs are designed to engage diverse learning styles and personalities.

Our Action – Based on community feedback

4,080+ Hrs
4,080+ Hrs


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