Riverland Wine Centre

The Riverland Wine Centre might just be one of South Australia’s best-kept secrets with a range of local produce available under one roof.

Who are Riverland Wine Centre?

The modest approach of owners Andrew and Bronny Caire has created a sustainable venue that showcases the exceptional tastes coming out of the Riverland.

Now the space is not only a venue to showcase wine, but also a function centre, café and luxury accommodation venue—all supported by Australia’s first privately owned 30kw solar farm. The team ensure they reuse, recycle and reclaim what they can to make the centre a success—and it shows with their beautifully restored space.

The centre aims to bring people closer to the products of the Riverland—and with a mix of giant touch-pad technology, plus personalised tastings throughout the stunning space, they get it just right.

There are more than 26 Riverland wineries available here, plus our restaurant menu is designed around the best local and fresh Riverland produce.

Andrew & Bronny Caire

Why you’ll love their produce…

Experiencing this unique place is like nothing else you can access in regional SA, and it combines the best of the Riverland all under one roof.

Here you can taste classic and emerging Riverland varietal wines from more than 26 different wineries; while at the same time, you also get to test run some of the food and flavours coming straight from the next-door neighbours’ paddocks—and all while you admire the exceptional views across the Pike and Murray Rivers.

The Caires’ journey with the Riverland Wine Centre began in 2019 when they turned passion into reality by creating a place where the best Riverland wine could sit under one roof. But it didn’t stop at wine—the centre is now home to a range of coffee, honey, dried fruit, bush foods, olives, kumquats, oils, capers, figs, jerky, jams, dates, pecans and more.

The range of local products all under one roof is an incredible representation of small-town teamwork and solidarity.

Riverland Wine Centre
Fast facts about Riverland Wine Centre

You’ll find 26 different wineries to taste

Panoramic views across the Pike and Murray Rivers

Powered by Oz’s first private solar farm

Host of ‘Budburst’ wine event in August

Extra Tasty Fact

You can taste both food and wine here at the centre. Plus, if you’re really up for testing out the Riverland tastes, you can book a luxury villa with a spa overlooking the river, or glass rooftop to the stars and make it an escape for the senses.


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