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Strategic Documents
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Continued expansion and growth of the region is dependent upon both fundamental infrastructure and the region’s ability to provide targeted services to attract and retain investment and productivity across a range of industries.

Understanding the condition and capacity of existing infrastructure is therefore integral in determining deficits and challenges related to the region’s future economic development and ability to attract and support industry investment

This study will be delivered in two stages; Stage 1 (this report) has been undertaken to provide an up to date understanding of existing infrastructure provisions in the region; issues, limitations and/or constraints with this infrastructure for the continued economic development of the region, and potential future opportunities.

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Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national network of Committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions. 454.9 KB
An innovative, multi-award-winning program to prepare job seekers for employment in the food industry has had life-changing results for 140 graduates, with an incredible 70% having transitioned into sustainable paid employment. This pre-employment training program raises workforce participation of socially disadvantaged people and provides real pathways to job creation and industry growth. 179 KB
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Regional Development South Australia and our eight member RDAs, are thrilled to bring you a snapshot of our work, illustrating the immense value that RDAs bring to our regions and our state.

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The 2020 Strategic Plan provides guidance for industry and government bodies, businesses and community groups to align their priorities to achieve better economic and social outcomes for everyone in our region.

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This is the strategic vision, goals and planned activities for the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong Tourism Alliance.

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RDA Murraylands Riverland South Australia
RDA Murraylands Riverland South Australia