Regional Statistics

Up-to-date, credible demographic and economic data of the Murraylands and Riverland region is available free of charge online, and regional businesses and councils have been using it to make evidence-based decisions and secure grant funding.

The data answers three important questions – what are the characteristics of the Murraylands and Riverland economy and community, how are they changing, and how do they compare to other areas? Information is presented in clear maps, tables and charts with concise factual commentary, and we can help you interrogate the online tools to obtain the information you need.

You can be confident about the quality of the information, as it is derived from official sources and the most robust economic modelling, it is analysed and presented by experts, and is independently funded. The profiles are updated whenever the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases new data, so you can be sure you are using the most up-to-date information.

RDA Murraylands and Riverland is proud to fund this initiative, and we encourage councils, community groups, investors, business people, students and the general public to use this valuable resource to enhance your policy-making, strategic and business plans, business cases and grant applications, and more.

Regional Statistics Economics

Economic Profile

Access this robust economic modelling to add depth and credibility to business cases, strategic and business plans, and grant applications.

Gain insight into the region’s Gross Regional Product, local jobs, local businesses, employment, unemployment, population, building approvals, industry structure, journey to work and much more.

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Regional Statistics Community

Community Profile

Access this robust demographic modelling to make evidence-based decisions about how best to provide services to the Murraylands and Riverland community as it changes.

Gain insights into the region’s population, age structure, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, income, qualifications, occupations, employment, unemployment, disability, disadvantage, volunteering, childcare, family structure, household structure, housing tenure, mortgage and rental payments, and the size and type of the dwellings people live in.

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Event Calculator

Events have the potential to bring considerable economic benefits to the region through job creation and income generation, in addition to cultural and social benefits. If properly planned and strategically aligned with the region’s priorities, events can be a key driver in building a region’s brand, reputation and future direction.

Events with a sound business plan have a better chance of securing Government funding and garnering support from local business and the community. To support robust event planning, RDA Murraylands and Riverland provides local groups, organisations and individuals with access to the Event Impact Calculator.

The calculator estimates the potential economic impact of a proposed event in the Murraylands and Riverland region, and provides key performance indicators for economic measures including output, employment, income and jobs. The tool uses input/output estimates based on the average daily spend of visitors. We recommend that you use it alongside other tools and expertise to evaluate the potential of an event.

To undertake this process please complete and return the Event Impact Calculator Form.

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