Murraylands & Riverland Regional Profile

Our connection to region can be traced back millennia through our region’s proud Aboriginal culture, from which we are learning so much, including turning back to the notion of a circular economy.

About the Murraylands & Riverland Regional Profile

The River Murray (Moorundi) is the lifeblood of our region; an economic corridor that sustains our communities, lifestyle and economy.

The Murray connects us into Adelaide, the urban centre of South Australia, through its water supply, and beyond South Australian borders into New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland through the Murray-Darling Basin.

The Mallee is our connection to Country (Ruwe), with vast open spaces and world-leading rain-fed livestock and groundwater-fed horticultural production.

The Murraylands and Riverland region is home to a diverse and vibrant population, spread across eight local government areas, covering seven major townships and a number of rural residential areas.


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