Reduce and Transform Food Waste Project

The ‘Reduce and transform food waste’ project is a partnership between Fight Food Waste CRC, Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Riverland (RDAMR), Honey and Fox, and Curtin University, aiming to cultivate the capacity of small food businesses to reduce and transform their food waste.

What is involved in the project?

This project aims to understand how best to build the capabilities of regional food businesses to recognise and address food waste issues by using a circular economy lens.

To achieve this, in-depth interviews with the 15 to 20 small food businesses within the Murraylands and Riverland region will inform the production of the following outputs:

  1. Short Literature Review to summarise the latest research on food waste management and training, specifically focusing on the challenges for SMEs in rural and remote areas
  2. Food Waste Action plans for each of the businesses involved in the project
  3. Two documented case studies including
    • Problem that was identified (and how it was identified)
    • Transformation that is possible (from what to what)
    • Successful change processes that addressed barriers and problems that arose
    • Lessons learned and training gaps (what would they have liked to have known about before they started that might have made them take it up earlier)
  1. A Food Waste Management Training Framework for regional food businesses.
  2. Introduction to Food Waste Management training unit ready to pilot with the wider business community (beyond the Murraylands & Riverland).
  3. A recommendations report for a future national program rollout (phase 2).

The focus of the project is to help 15-20 participant businesses identify where to reduce food waste to save resources and to capture opportunities to transform food waste to create new revenue streams.

The project will develop a training framework and introductory module, which, once piloted, could be rolled out nationally for small regional businesses to become upskilled in addressing food waste issues.

The results of this project will support the development of a business case for establishing a national program to be rolled out across regional Australia.

If you are a small food business in the Murraylands or Riverland and would like to get involved in this project, please contact Julie Bates at Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland on 0458 505 169.

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