Continuing in their father’s footsteps, the Quirke siblings are passionate about apricots shown by their Apricot farm, Quirkeycots.

Who are Quirkeycots?

While it started out as a hobby; Josh, Dan and Abigail have moved on from planting three acres each to more than 83 acres, boasting 27 different varieties.

With a longstanding family history of drying fruit at Loxton in the Riverland, the young trio have pushed the boundaries, vertically- integrating their business and making the most of the weather, climate, and soil type.

Each brings different skill sets and personalities to the business, from production to marketing and distribution, they rate this team effort as the key to their success.

Utilising their locally grown fruit, they say you can’t find an apricot that tastes this good anywhere in the world. With cool nights and warm days, the Riverland has ideal apricot growing conditions, producing a unique-tasting product.

When you purchase our apricots, you are not only supporting our family, but also support the community in which we live.

Abigail Quirke

Why you’ll love their produce…

The Quirkes pride themselves on their premium dried apricots, Quirkeycots. The health benefits are enormous, with many considering them a superfood.

High in antioxidants, they’re a great source of Fibre, Niacin, Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium to name a few. Dried apricots promote gut, eye and skin health, and aid digestion.

The Australian dried fruit delicacies have a nice sweetness, derived from their natural sugars, with tangy undertones that bring out a unique, full-flavoured experience.

From a dried apricot to a Quirkeychoc; the Quirke’s new value-added product is poised to take the business to new heights. Quirkeychocs have 100 per cent Australian dried apricot centres, coated in premium milk chocolate. They’re grown, processed, and packed by the Quirke family. Quirkeychocs have no added sugar, acids, or bulking ingredients; the natural product speaks for itself.

Quirkeycots Dried Apricots
Fast facts about Quirkeycots

Apricot harvest starts as early as November and finishes in mid-January

Dried apricots contain higher nutritional value per gram than fresh apricots

The Quirke’s grow new apricot varieties, developed at the Loxton Research Centre

Extra Tasty Fact

Quirkeychocs are made from 100% Australian dried apricot centres.


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