Pinnaroo Farms

With a passion for sustainability, Skeet and Pip Lawson from Pinnaroo Farms, think outside the box when it comes to their red lentil farm.

Who are Pinnaroo Farms?

Growing, sprouting and milling whole red lentils, the Pinnaroo farming family produces a flour like no other.

Complementing an existing cropping enterprise, the idea was born from a series of problems Australian lentil farmers faced relating to steep overseas tariffs, limited rainfall, and damaged grains. And, like many can relate to, a fussy eater in the family, making them search for an alternative protein source to boost their diets.

They began milling lentils into a fine gluten-free flour, as a way of incorporating the protein-packed pulse into biscuits, cakes and evening meals. It was a success, and so the business began.

It’s been a fair tree-change for Skeet (an Airforce pilot) and Pip (a teacher). Coming home to Pip’s family farm has been nothing but life-changing, with a strong focus on increasing the regional economy, reducing food miles, and solving a food waste problem.

Lentil flour is a healthy superfood flour alternative that the whole family will enjoy.

Pip Lawson

Why you’ll love their produce…

Inspired by the ancient art of sprouting, the lentil seeds are soaked, which unlocks their micronutrients.

The lentils are then dried and milled, resulting in a healthier and premium flour product. Grown, sprouted, and milled in South Australia, sprouted lentil flour is a gluten-free alternative, with no additives or preservatives. It has been described as softer and more subtle taste, with an earthy and nutty flavour.

The aim is to keep the flour as close to the natural source as possible, making it not highly processed. Lentils are an integral part of the Lawson’s cropping rotation, as it decreases the need for synthetic inputs. Available online or from selected bulk food shops, in retail and industrial-sized packs. They have recently created a sprouted whole wheat flour and are currently researching the possibilities of sprouting other crop varieties in the Mallee.

Pinnaroo Farms
Fast facts about Pinnaroo Farms

Lentil flour can be added into sweet or savoury recipes, boosting the nutritional value of everyday meals

Sprouted lentil flour supports gut health

Grown sustainably, using no-till farming methods

Sprouting releases micronutrients, making it easier for the body to absorb

Extra Tasty Fact

Sprouted lentil flour contains more iron, magnesium, folate and calcium.


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