Niche Fruits

A niche product, in a niche industry. That pretty much sums up Niche Fruits, owned and operated by third-generation fruit growers Charmaine and Darrel Size.

Who are Niche Fruits?

Set on 17 acres of their self-proclaimed ‘fruit salad block’, stone fruit and citrus trees provide “a little bit of everything”.

Niche Fruits was born some 9 years ago, after establishing a strong market for dried fruit at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market. And every fortnight Charmaine and Darrel still make the trek from Renmark to Mount Pleasant, selling dried and chocolate-dipped fruit, to people who have become much more than customers, more like family and friends.

Growing various types of fruit keeps Charmaine and Darrel busy all year round, tending to nine varieties of apricots, plus peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, peacharines, oranges and lemons.

Our aim is to provide quality Australian dried fruit at a price everyone can afford.

Charmaine & Darrel Size

Why you’ll love their produce…

Not only is the dried fruit dipped in chocolate, but it’s flavoured chocolate.

Imagine lemons drizzled in chocolate, or apricots dripping with salted caramel. The look on people’s faces when they try the products are priceless, with everything from a raised eyebrow to pursed lips.

The dipped chocolate fruit is basically dipped to order, with Niche turning over the product—dried, washed, dipped and packed—all within weeks of selling it to the customer. They are made fresh, so there is certainly no sitting around on the shelves.

You’ll find Niche products at many niche locations across the Riverland. Look out for the chocolate-dipped apricots paired with liquor at one establishment, while another serves fried pear with its pinot gris. While the dried fruit medley remains a crowd favourite and standout by itself, it is especially perfect on a tasting platter. A tasting platter, using surplus fruit—just perfect.

Niche Fruits
Fast facts about Niche Fruits

Everything happens on site, from planting to packing

Replanting ensures the most flavoursome dried fruits are produced

Flavoured chocolate adds to the unique experience

Extra Tasty Fact

The most popular product is the dried fruit medley bag, ‘a little of everything’.


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