Murray River Lakes & Coorong new visitor guide launched

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Murray River Lakes and Coorong Marketing Campaign Launched

The Murray River Lakes and Coorong major digital and print marketing campaign was launched in April with resounding success.

A quick number crunch from our Tourism Development Manager tells us that already the two-minute short highlights film has reached close to 40,000 people nationally, and the delivery of 30,000 24-page visitor guides are being distributed to tourism outlets across Australia over the next few weeks. Directly aligning with the MRLC 2020 Strategic Plan this is the biggest campaign for the MRLCTA in years with the combination of digital and print estimated to reach more than one-million people this year.

A major paid marketing campaign will help push the film and digital flip-book guide to key markets in South Australia and Victoria over the coming months, as well as the delivery and promotion of tourism experience blogs which will hit a number of markets nationally.

This exciting new concept to deliver such a guide and video had to be innovative and deliver something with significant commercial buy-in, meaning it would not have been possible without the commitment from many of our passionate and forward-thinking tourism operators in the region. Stay tuned for more great segments of the campaign to be rolled out in the coming months.

The full visitor guide can be viewed here: & the hero film can be viewed here:

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