Marketing Development Workshop

Phil Reedman ran the Marketing Development Workshop which helped show small winemakers how to enhance visitor experience and satisfaction.

What did the Marketing Development Workshop involve?

Assisting to up-skill Small Winemakers and their customer-facing teams in order to enhance visitor experience and satisfaction.

With the intention of leading to increased sales, loyalty to the winery and region and repeat business.

Key areas that were covered in this one day workshop:

  • Develop an understanding of ‘marketing’ as distinct from ‘sales’.
  • Develop an understanding of what a marketing strategy is and how to develop a marketing strategy in alignment with business capability.
  • Customer loyalty schemes, wine clubs, quality of service as a driver of retention and recruitment.
  • The marketing mix: how the right product in the relevant place, correctly priced and promoted will gain sales.

Eligible businesses who are participating in the Agri Food Tourism Development Program may be eligible for a mentoring session with Phil Reedman or one of our experts.


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