Looove Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Not many people, according to Looove Cheese owner and cheese-guru Tracey Phyland.

Who are Looove Cheese?

Open a shop, and they will come, and that’s exactly what people continue to do in Tracey’s Randall Street shopfront, stocked with all the cheeses you can possibly imagine.

While it was the attraction of a holiday shack at Mannum that initially drew Tracey and her husband Terry to the quaint town, it’s been the establishment of a boutique cheese shop that has kept them there.

From a background working as a paramedic in the UK, to the riverside holiday town in rural South Australia, Tracey is revelling in the privilege of meeting new people every day in her new tourism hotspot. While admittedly not a cheese connoisseur while living aboard, Tracey was taken with the popularity and huge selection of cheeses here in Australia.

Looove Cheese offers a unique experience, it’s all about the cheese.

Tracey Phyland

Why you’ll love their produce…

For a small riverside town, Mannum sure punches well above its weight in cheese. Tracey offers all the traditional varieties, plus a rotating mix of new cheeses.

Stocking a few of each type – think parmesan, brie, blue, camembert, swiss, cheddar, goats cheese – the list is endless. The cheese comes from a range of suppliers, some from the other side of the world, some from down the road, including many unique South Australian cheeses.

Many a houseboat crew will pull into the town, pick up a gourmet cheese platter, and carry on their way. The most popular is a French brie, closely followed by a nice quality blue cheese. It is all about the full experience, holding regular cheese and wine nights, and inviting different local wineries to pair wine with their cheeses.

Looove Cheese
Fast facts about Looove Cheese

Looove Cheese offers a range of services, from platters, to gift vouchers, and Christmas hampers.

Strong sales to visitors and locals

Huge range of cheese varieties, from parmesan to brie

Delivery service available

Extra Tasty Fact

Looove Cheese offers gourmet cheese platters, perfect for your next houseboat trip or riverside picnic.


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