Land to Market Cooperative Opportunity


Land to Market Cooperative Opportunity

The overall concept for the project is to create a new brand that recognises the regenerative agriculture efforts of our farmers and provides them with consumer recognition through increased profile, and potentially a price premium for food and fibre.

All activities in the project have been guided by a group of farmers, called the Reference Group, that has already grown to around 30 producers who managing more than 47,000 ha of land.

We welcome new members of the Reference Group during March 2018, when they will be able to benefit from the subsidy provided by Farming Together. After we establish a formal in April 2018, there will be a need to move to a more sustainable financial operation. Farmers need to make a ‘matching contribution’ of $1000 to join the Reference Group, and in return receive the benefits of the whole project including:

Further promotion campaigns in March and April 2018

Recognition on the Land to Market Australia website as a regenerative producer – see

Establishment of their baseline monitoring site, as part of monitoring to support the Ecological Outcome Verification process

The opportunity to become a foundation member of the formal structure for the new brand, at preferential rates, including participation in the foundation meeting

Benefit from all the foundation work that has been done to establish the new brand and its processes

Development of this brand is including many world first activities, and we have been working closely with the Savory Institute as they develop Land to Market worldwide, see:

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