Kolophon Capers

Searching for a small retirement business, Barry Porter and Helen Jones from Kolophon Capers never imagined they would be growing capers.

Who are Kolophon Capers?

Barry and Helen did not envisage the thriving unique enterprise that would evolve—suited perfectly to the Riverland climate.

Capers ticked all the boxes; minimal water required, tolerant of hot summers and frosty winters, delivering high value on a small area, and something they could put their own touch to. First planting 50 plants in 2006, Barry now tends to several hundred, with the full-service plant providing capers, berries, leaves and more to consumers across Australia.

Exhibiting at Tasting Australia in 2010 was the catalyst for expansion, with numerous national awards, media coverage and guest speaking gigs coming their way. Despite their success, Barry and Helen continue to treat their work as a hobby, enjoying every day. Because of the capers, they have done so many things in retirement not even considered without them.

It’s all about sharing the Riverland story, and enhancing the experience and knowledge which is the Riverland.

Barry Porter

Why you’ll love their produce…

It’s all in the pickling. This is when a superior product can be produced, something eminently more exciting.

It took experimenting with eight different salts and pickling techniques until the perfect mix was found. Settling on a special raw underground water salt from Sunsalt in Mildura, the high mineral content and distinct flavour works well.

The capers are picked, weighed, sieved, and rinsed, before being pickled for about a month. The smaller capers have a stronger pepper flavour, sought after by many chefs and restaurants. Another unique commodity is the pickled caper leaves, described by chefs as a delicacy.

After more than a decade of experimenting with growing caper plants, Kolophon is now supplying plants to other growers and home gardeners across Australia.

Kolophon Capers
Fast facts about Kolophon Capers

Pickled caper leaves are a sought-after delicacy

Focus on small capers, which have stronger pepper flavour

Produce 600-800 young plants each year

Their pickling process takes 3-4 months, using different strengths of brine and a special blend of Barossa Valley wine vinegars.

Extra Tasty Fact

Kolophon Caper products, and Barry, made a guest appearance on Masterchef.


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