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Put The Murray River and Lands On Your Table

This brand was created to badge a ‘Producers in Residence’ stall at the Adelaide Central Market, where thirty regional producers showcased and sold their premium produce. The brand underpins the story of the region’s strength as South Australia’s largest food bowl, where we manage natural resources responsibly to put premium clean green food on tables in Australia and around the world.

The brand has grown organically and been embraced by farmers, food and beverage producers and manufacturers. It lends itself to the development of marketing tools suitable for trade events, tourism, point of sale, and social media in regional, state and national platforms.

The brand gave a consistent look and feel to a collaborative marketing opportunity with SA Life magazine, and was incorporated in the branding and launch of the Farm to Fork Facebook Group, and creation of the hashtag #themurrayonyourtable and The Murray On Your Table Instagram account.

Visit the Farm-to-Fork Facebook site – www.facebook.com/groups/farmtofork

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Murray River & Lands On Your Table
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