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Grant funding can bring a much-needed boost to your business, community organisation or event.

Too often though, opportunities to tap into this funding stream are missed. To make sure our region capitalises on every funding opportunity, our knowledgeable team are here to help you find the right grant and connect you with experts in this field to ensure you have the support you need every step of the way.

Grant programs come up regularly throughout the year, and it is best to prepare a proposal in advance so you are ready when the short application windows arise.

Ask us which grant programs are best suited to your proposal, and how you can maximise your chances of success. Sign up to our newsletter for regular alerts on upcoming grant openings and workshops.

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Open Grants

Grant opportunities come up regularly throughout the year. We will feature the most significant grant opportunities below, so check back regularly, or sign up to our newsletter to hear about them as they come up. You can also check GrantGuru for a comprehensive listing of all current grants or contact us for personalised advice.

Growing South Australian Companies Program

This program is designed for CEO’s/MDs and executives of small to medium sized companies based in South Australia.

Opening Date: NOW

Closing Date:  Ongoing Basis

For more information about this program

Industry Capability Network (ICN)

The Industry Capability Network program aims to promote South Australia, Australian and New Zealand industry through import replacement and opportunities for participation in major projects. ICN performs a technical role providing purchasers with a free sourcing service to identify Australian and New Zealand suppliers capable of supplying those items that would otherwise be imported.

Applications open: Ongoing

Applications close: Ongoing

For more information about this program

Other Grants and Funding

A wide range of grants and other funding opportunities is available from government agencies, corporate bodies and non-government organisations.

For further grant information visit the following sites:

Grant Guru



Grant applications do take time (say 10-20 hours depending on the complexity of the application), so the more prepared you are, the better chance you have of submitting a winning application within the short opening window.

We encourage you to have the following items ready in advance:

  1. Business Plan – Every business should have a business plan ready to go, with updates added annually so that your key goals and activities are current.
  2. Project Plan – You should have a one-page overview of the project that you wish to undertake ready. This will assist you with pitching ideas to potential investors, exporters, and grant assessment panels. This plan should include an indication of timelines and budgets, which you will need to further detail in the grant application.
  3. Profit and Loss – Financials are vital to any grant application, as they highlight how you will fund your percentage of the project and maintain it thereafter.

Up-to-date, credible demographic and economic analysis on the Murraylands and Riverland region is available free of charge online.

Join other local businesses that are using it to strengthen their case for grant funding by demonstrating the positive regional impacts of a proposal.

Preparing grant applications can seem daunting, but we are here to help.

Contact us for information, resources and guidance.

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