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China and Asia Trade and Investment Strategy

Developing strategic trading and investment relationships with China and across Asia is a major economic development opportunity for business, industry and individuals in the Murraylands and Riverland region – and we are supporting our region to make the most of that opportunity.

Our vision is to strengthen the region’s partnership with China and enhance and deepen our long-term engagement in areas encompassing investment, trade and business, education, sport, culture, the arts, sciences, and the exchange of people, skills and ideas.

The China and Asia Trade and Investment Strategy maps a path to 2020, outlining how RDA Murraylands and Riverland is driving that vision. We identify and ignite regional businesses to engage in trade, build regional capability, leverage partnerships, and promote our region in Asian markets.

Those markets are rapidly growing and changing, and our strategy will remain adaptive. It is updated annually to reflect market developments and incorporate current initiatives, opportunities and lessons learnt.

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