Illalangi (Products)

Illalangi (Products) are a labour of love for owners Keryn and John Gorman, who have been serving up some of the best flavours of the Riverland since 2004.

Who are Illalangi (Products)?

Their iconic trio of extra virgin olive oil, native saltbush dukkah and wattle seed balsamic vinegar has become an institution for food and wine lovers passing by their Waikerie store.

This was borne out of Keryn’s dream to create a Riverland-flavoured ‘experience’ for people around the world.

Make sure you taste this trio in one of their regional grazing platters!

Taste is critical to everything we do, and putting more Riverland ingredients in our products, we ensure this.

Keryn Gorman

Why you’ll love their produce…

In Keryn’s own words: “Taste is critical to everything we do,” and you can tell.

All of Illalangi’s products are either handmade or handpicked by the team, and rigorously tested for quality and taste before release to customers.

Their smooth extra virgin olive oil is the result of their travels to Spain and the US, where they discovered the highly aromatic, fruity and buttery Arbequina, and the more robust, peppery and pungent Arbosana new-world varieties of olives.

Illalangi’s award-winning balsamic vinegar is different to others. Its wattle seed base and caramelised flavour are created through the extra ‘reduction’ during processing, leaving people always asking for bigger bottles.

This works perfectly with the saltbush and herb blend dukkah made from 95% Riverland ingredients. Lastly, Illalangi’s small-batch, single estate varietal wines are inspired by “new-world wine making” styles, with the Petit Verdot and Verdelho absolute standouts.

Partnering with the award-winning wine making team from Glossop’s 919 Wines, their popular (and always scarce) wines will sell out.

Gourmet Foods from Illalangi
Fast facts about Illalangi (Products)

Olive grove planted from super high density Spanish olive oil varieties

95% Riverland ingredients in native dukkah

They deliver!

Extra Tasty Fact

Illalangi was the first producer in SA to package olive oil into casks— ensuring no oxidisation and premium quality until the last drop.


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