Gurra Downs Date Co

Dave and Anita Reilly from Gurra Downs Date Co started in the date industry 25 years ago, and are widely credited with pioneering the modern Australian date industry.

Who are Gurra Downs Date Co?

When the Reilly family began researching salinity-tolerant food crops in the 1990s, they never dreamed they’d be supplying about 80% of Australia’s dates.

They now have the largest organic date farm in Australia – and were the first date farm to be established in the Riverland and Murray Darling Basin.

Gurra Downs Date Company has spent many years trialling different date varieties on their research farm to determine the best climatically and economically suited varieties for the Riverland region. They now distribute date palms from their nursery Australia-wide and consult both nationally and internationally.

The Reilly family have been recognised internationally and were awarded the Khalifa International Date Palm Award in 2010.

They have been awarded a Nuffied Farming Scholarship which allowed them to travel the world on study tours learning the best techniques to grow dates, bringing all of their expertise back to the Riverland.

Proudly supplying organic dates, pomegranates and bulk wine.

Why you’ll love their produce…

Gurra Downs dates are becoming well-known in the marketplace. They have a very loyal following of customers who purchase each year, and their products always sell out quickly.

Dates are a nutritious food, some even describe them as a “superfood”.

Their popularity is increasing in Australia and Gurra Downs experiences a peak of sales during Ramadan—the Islamic holy month where the daily fast is broken with date fruit.

Although Barhee and Medjool are the most recognisable date styles in Australia, Gurra Downs has introduced a wide range of premium table dates that offer an exceptional tasting experience.

Gurra Downs Date Co
Fast facts about Gurra Downs Date Co

Supplies about 80% of all Australian dates

Supplied over 400 other date farmers with trees

Has imported 50 internationally famous date cultivars

3000 trees in the ground

Supplying date palms and organic dates nationally

Extra Tasty Fact

Dates have higher potassium levels than bananas, dietary fibre is excellent. Grab a handful if you need a slow-release energy snack!


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