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Experts return to Loxton with value-adding insights

Now a veteran of the Experts in Residents program, South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) Food Technology Sub-Program Leader Andrew Maronich returned to Loxton and Murray Bridge once again through October to connect his extensive food technology knowledge with industry in the region.

Last year, the pilot Experts in Residence program was three days long. This year it grew to three days per week for a whole month.

Speaking from the SARDI offices at Waite Institute, food technology expert Andrew Maronich welcomed the opportunity to help regional businesses diversify and improve their offerings.

“Any business producing food can approach SARDI for help. Our program covers the whole of South Australia. And it really is important to do this work in person wherever possible.”

RDA facilitation allowed SARDI and PIRSA to extend their reach into the region.

Preparedness is key, and travelling to the region to work intensely with multiple businesses has helped the team of national and global experts develop a clearer understanding of the region, for more targeted industry outcomes.

“Last year, product development was a priority for growers wanting to value add,” Andrew continues.

“Transforming produce into a more stable product with a longer shelf life was a big one. We’ve helped a lot of businesses learn what they need to know about treating, packing and sourcing suitable ingredients.”

This year’s program introduced the ability to book followup appointments with the experts.

“Anything we can do within 24 hours gets actioned immediately. For more complex issues, we lay down a pathway which might include other service providers who can help, or suggesting further research or referrals available through SARDI.”

“We are proud to help food businesses grow and become more competitive,” says Andrew.

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“Any business producing food can approach SARDI for help.”


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