Experience the Source

Experience the Source was a one-month consumer campaign that celebrated the untapped potential within the Riverland Agri-Food Tourism sector.

What did Experience the Source involve?

This consumer campaign targeted the Adelaide market to holiday in the Riverland with a focus on local food and wine. 

The Experience the Source (ETS) activation was achieved by developing a food and wine drive trail with a focus on visiting the Riverland during the almond blossom season.

The drive trail encouraged visitors to explore some of the scenic backroads and enjoy the views as locals do.  Driving past citrus, vines, stone fruit and almond orchards emphasises the connection, and the importance of water for regional producers.

Visitors also can visit Locks 1 and 4, enjoy a ferry ride across the Mighty Murray and stop at wetlands while enjoying stunning scenes.

ETS was possible thanks to the work that food producer businesses have undertaken with AFTD experts to better tell their story, and the willingness of partner businesses to build the value of local produce retailing, strengthening the pathway to purchase. In addition, it has given several businesses the opportunity to pilot potential new retail products or visitor experiences.

ETS was essentially the consumer activation of extensive business capability building.


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