“We’ve had so much help from Jo [RDAMR CEO] and Kane [program facilitator], it’s just phenomenal. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for their support.”

Rhona Parker-BentonBrayfield Park Lavender Farm

“The single clear message from RDAMR was that the Fund was seeking projects that would support the creation of jobs, jobs, and jobs – ongoing for the region.

That message became top of my mind in everything that I worked on in the application – and not just that, in how we would use the project to achieve that for the region.”

Tim GriegerRiverland Field Days Inc.

“The support from RDAMR was pivotal in firstly understanding the criteria… and secondly in learning what supporting information was necessary to demonstrate what the project means and how it will be of value to the region.”

Tim GriegerRiverland Field Days Inc.

“We understand the economic benefit of growth within our own enterprise, however we are not able to determine the multiplier effect of our business growth for the region – this tool is credible and calculates it for you.”

Bill EfrosinisAutumn Fruits

“We sought the assistance of RDA staff to ensure figures were entered correctly and data interpreted effectively. RDA provided PDFs of the reports generated.”

Bill EfrosinisAutumn Fruits

“The data was used to add value to the funding submission, to demonstrate the benefit of our enterprise’s project for regional economic development. In a nutshell – if we grow, how much will the region grow?”

Bill EfrosinisAutumn Fruits

“We are seeing products I had never thought grown in our region – a lot of organics and fresh produce – and there is no middle man so we receive very fresh products at a market price.”

Peter KentSalt and Pepper Catering

“We got some good feedback. It’s nice to get that reinforcement, and it gives you an opportunity to get out there and keep in touch with the end user.”

John HollandAlmond Grove Turkey

“An independent supermarket in Murray Bridge has started stocking some of the featured products. We even had a Chinese distributor wanting to buy the whole stall.”

Vanessa LiebeltRegional Development Manager

“Bruce [RDAMR Regional Development Manager] has also helped out a lot with getting me some local exposure, by getting the Murray Pioneer’s attention and helping me find some local stockists.”

Nathan WoodrowRyde Clothing