Cooinda Proprietors

Fifth-generation farmers Mark and Taryn Grieger from Cooinda Proprietors hold a strong connection with the land. For more than 120 years, Mark’s family has dutifully tended to their orchard and farm off the beaten track, near Swan Reach.

Who are Cooinda Proprietors?

It’s not unusual for people to seek out the ‘apricot man’, knowing he’s been there since the start.

Known affectionately as Cooinda, some 2300 stone fruit trees, citrus trees, a developing niche range, plus grazing livestock and native vegetation, make the Mid Murray property something of a wonderment. The mainstay product, dried fruit, continues to be the focus for the family, who have all pitched in and helped over the years.

Cooinda’s regular presence at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market is well-known, with weekly or fortnightly trips to Adelaide since the market’s inception in 2006. Long-standing and regular customers seek out Cooinda produce, with Mark and Taryn forming connections with many of its loyal customers.

We’ve been doing this for a while, so we’re experienced at dealing with whatever is thrown at us.

Mark Grieger

Why you’ll love their produce…

Located on the river cliffs in the Mid Murray, it is the ideal stone-fruit growing climate.

Hot summer days, followed by cool, evening southerly breezes provide optimal ripening conditions for sensational flavours. Uniquely situated, it allows the sugars to build up in the fruit, and gives the trees a chance to recover from the heat of the day.

Traditionally known for its dried fruit, Cooinda has diversified into shipping off some of its frozen fruit to be made into jam. Waterbird micro sprinklers are used to minimise water use without affecting fruit quality. With increasing sales online and via the post, you can still find Cooinda’s dried fruit at various boutique locations in the Barossa, Mallee, and Swan Reach.

Fast facts about Cooinda Proprietors

Fruit trees planted include apricots, peaches, nectarines, figs, plums, fuju persimmons, feijoas, pears, and a few cherries

Traditional drying process takes place

Filtered and UV treated rainwater is used to wash fruit

Every step is controlled on-site

Extra Tasty Fact

Environmentally friendly practices, such as careful water use and organic base fertiliser, keep the soil and trees healthy.


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