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What is Business Connect?

Whether you’re a startup seeking to make your mark or an established enterprise looking for new avenues, we connect you to a world of opportunities. At the heart of our commitment, is supporting businesses through growth, fostering a community that thrives on shared solutions and knowledge.

Connect with us to explore connection opportunities. We’re here to understand your business, ensuring that every connection you make on our platform is purposeful and aligned with your unique goals. Let’s collaborate with passion, building a future where businesses not only survive but thrive together. Your next significant opportunity is just a connection away.

Benefits and opportunites:

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Examples of the Business Connect Service:

Below are a few examples of what we can offer.

Murraylands Manufacturers Network

The Murraylands Manufacturers Network is a dynamic initiative fostering collaboration among local manufacturers in the Murraylands region. Beyond traditional goals of knowledge sharing and resource optimisation, the network strategically explores defence opportunities, and advancing manufacturing through cutting-edge technologies. Emphasising workforce development, the network collaborates with educational institutions to ensure a skilled workforce.

Knowledge sharing is a cornerstone, providing a platform for members to stay updated on industry trends. In the face of challenges, the network engages in collective problem-solving, enhancing the sector’s resilience. The network’s multifaceted approach, spanning defence ventures, advanced manufacturing, workforce training, and collaborative solutions, positions it as a driving force shaping a robust and sustainable future for manufacturing in the Murraylands.

Regional Business Chambers and Industry Associations

Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) plays a pivotal role as an advocate and supporter for regional Business Chambers and Industry Associations, fostering collaboration and growth. RDAMR actively engages with these organisations to facilitate member businesses’ capability-building, upskilling initiatives, and local community connections.

By championing an interconnected ecosystem, RDAMR creates a dynamic environment where businesses can share knowledge, experiences, and resources. RDAMR is committed to enhancing the collective strength of the regional business community, enabling members to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Through strategic partnerships and a focus on knowledge-sharing, RDAMR contributes to the sustainable development of businesses in the Murraylands and Riverland, fostering a resilient and thriving regional economy.

Murraylands Food Alliance

The Murraylands Food Alliance (MFA) is a cooperative venture among major food producers, processors, and manufacturers in the Murraylands region, contributing over $1.1 billion annually, equivalent to more than 48% of the local gross regional product. Established in 2014, the MFA, facilitated by Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR), focuses on boosting the productivity and competitiveness of the regional food industry through strategic initiatives.

The Alliance prioritises four key areas for future work: People, Place, Innovation, and Growth. Emphasis is placed on strengthening relationships among business partners and addressing workforce development to overcome growth barriers and retain skilled employees in the region.

Aspiring to be recognised as a premium food-producing region, the Murraylands actively seeks ways to enhance pride in the local food industry and contribute positively to the community through proactive planning policies, including infrastructure access and cost reduction.

MFA members are dedicated to improving the competitiveness of the regional food industry by sharing knowledge, identifying common areas for improvement, and exploring innovative concepts. They lead in supply chain innovation and invest in research and development in packaging, consumer research, energy alternatives, genetics, and processing technology.

Expressing positive expansion plans, members emphasise environmental and ethical responsibility to meet export and consumer demands. Collaboration within the Alliance aims to create a unified vision, advocating for infrastructure and utility provisions supporting future industry growth. The MFA seeks to be a robust regional voice, fostering community pride and influencing decisions by businesses and government to ensure necessary support for industry expansion.

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