Brayfield Park

25 years of growing lavender makes Rhona and Allan Parker-Benton, from Brayfield Park, lavender experts.

Who are Brayfield Park?

From the trial days at Wellington, to their well-established Murray Bridge lavender farm, Brayfield Park Lavender Farm continues to stay ahead of the pack. The farm produces quality lavender oil, specifically made for skincare and culinary purposes.

Named after Allan’s family farm in England, it was Allan’s love for the plant—and its ability to withstand tough conditions, that made them plant lavender in the early 1990s. Four generations later, the adaption of practises to suit the climate has resulted in thriving crop, with mulching and watering vital to its success.

A retail shop opened in Hahndorf complemented the farm’s online and international sales. For the ultimate visitor experience, the park opens from October to December, for people to see, smell and touch firsthand the decadent rows of blooming lavender.

The sight of lavender in flower is really something to be seen.

Rhona Parker-Benton

Why you’ll love their produce…

A particular type of lavender is selected to plant, aimed at creating the perfect product for skincare and cooking.

Produced from formulas created on-site, Brayfield Park’s lavender products are original. Made from scratch, Rhona’s cosmetic chemist experience has her crafting the perfect product, from relaxation oils, to hand lotion, and sleep spray.

On the culinary front, the options are endless, with lavender a useful ingredient in gin, teas, savoury and sweet recipes. When it comes to relaxation, the most popular products are the roll-on oil and wheat bags. So do yourself a favour, and take the time to relax with Brayfield Park’s original lavender products.

Brayfield Park Brayfield Park Lavender Farm
Fast facts about Brayfield Park

Lavender is well known for its calming and relaxation properties

Dried lavender is used in sleep pillows, craft, floristry and wheat bags

Specialty in skincare and culinary use

Extra Tasty Fact

Brayfield Park Lavender Farm is emerging as a premium SA skincare and cosmetics company.


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