Black Sheep Produce

Based in Loxton, Black Sheep grows jujubes, dates and capers because they’re all drought tolerant. Their produce is so popular, it very rarely leaves SA—so if you find any around the Riverland, snap it up quickly!

Who are Black Sheep Produce?

Black Sheep Produce do things differently.

Run by two qualified natural resource managers and conservationists, David and Heidi Setchell have created a brand that is focused on growing quality, nutritious food, which helps sustain the local Riverland environment, instead of drawing extra resources from it.

The couple have created a business model with a conscience, and feel fortunate that the rest of the world has started to jump on board the sustainable food movement.

Now with 750 jujube trees (and 1200 more about to be planted), they’re also busy producing commercial crops of dates and capers—which they literally have to pick on hands and knees, so you know you’re getting absolute quality when you taste their food.

The sustainable food movement is becoming more popular, which is great for our business.

David & Heidi Setchell

Why you’ll love their produce…

Their jujubes are handpicked, then washed and air-dried whole with no sulphur, preservatives or additives.

This means you can enjoy adding extra sweetness to your favourite breakfast cereals or trail mixes, without the guilt! They’re also incredibly nutritious, and are described as having a flavour similar to apples and pears, but are much sweeter when dried.

Black Sheep Produce’s salted capers are cured in Murray River Salt. Their caper berries are pickled in a lemon and dill-infused vinegar to provide a unique zing; and their capers and caper berries are also a popular feature on the menus of Riverland restaurants and cafés.

Black Sheep Produce—they’re going against the grain to bring you the best.

Jujube, date and capers from Black Sheep Produce
Fast facts about Black Sheep Produce

Adelaide’s Chinese community buy most of their fresh jujubes

The western palate prefers jujubes dried

Capers must be picked by hand

They only grow crops suited to the Riverland climate

Extra Tasty Fact

A fresh jujube tastes like a cross between apple and pear, but crunchy like an apple; and when dried have a caramel flavour more like a date.


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