Belinda Hanson-Kenny

Belinda Hanson-Kenny is a Food Technologist and has worked in the food industry for over 35 years, 12 years cooking in small and large kitchens, and 25 years working in food manufacturing.

The career of Belinda Hanson-Kenny…

Belinda cooked in hotels and restaurants (from pubs to 5 stars) for 12 years before commencing study in Food Technology and moving her work focus to food manufacturing – specialising in Product Development, Product Labelling, Food Safety, and Quality Management.

She is currently studying to qualify as a packaging technologist. Industries Belinda has worked in while working in food manufacturing include smallgoods production, poultry processing, manufacture of sweet and savoury baked goods, and egg processing. Food. Labelling & Safety is a “one-stop” Food Technology resource for Food and Beverage manufacturers and associated industries including agribusinesses looking to value add, working with local, national and international clients.

Eligible businesses who are participating in the Agri Food Tourism Development program may be eligible for expert assistance from Belinda or one of our experts.


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