Bakehouse Farm Produce

A hobby turned into a full-time business for Simon and Sally Peacock, after one hive in their backyard turned into 10. Any day of the week you’ll find Simon driving around, searching for the ideal spot for the bees.

Who are Bakehouse Farm Produce?

As the hives kept multiplying, and the reality of running a commercial business from a small house block became challenging, Simon’s self-confessed ‘bee addiction’ led them to a treechange at Mypolonga.

Now boasting 160 hives, Simon has transitioned to full-time beekeeping, spending his time tending to bees, shifting hives, and packing honey. Complementing their honey production is a plethora of orchards, consisting of apricots, peaches and nectarines.

And another property at Monteith, with Red Angus breeding cattle and broadacre cropping, gives the family a full host of primary production options.

Honey gets its colour and flavour from the nectar of flowers visited by the bees.

Simon Peacock

Why you’ll love their produce…

The honey is straight from the hives. All-natural, no processing, put into the tub at Mypolonga.

It is packed to order, so there’s no sitting around dormant on supermarket shelves. It is packed by hand, in a packing room on-site, with only the good stuff going into the tubs.

There are many seasonal honey varieties, including Orange Blossom, Mallee, Lucerne, Stringybark and Blue and Red Gum, depending on what is flowering at the time to keep the bees fed and happy.

Simon is diligent about keeping the bees healthy, looking out for disease and pests, ensuring they remain strong. This means regularly checking each box, and maintaining adequate water levels.

You’ll find the delicious Bakehouse Farm Produce at Drakes in Murray Bridge and Victor Harbor, Bowhill General Store, and Green Valley Strawberries Café at Nairne.

Bakehouse Farm Produce
Fast facts about Bakehouse Farm Produce

It’s all about taste and colour, you don’t want the honey to go ‘candy’ too quick.

Lighter coloured honey has a milder flavour, darker colour is stronger

160 hives on Mypolonga property

Fresh fruit supplied to Green Valley Strawberries Café at Nairne

1kg tubs and 400g jars of honey

Extra Tasty Fact

Lip balm and candles are made on-site from beeswax by-product.


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