Aussie Apricots

While the Aussie Apricots brand is only 16 years old, the Prosser family has been growing fruit for more than three generations at Mypolonga—and the quality shows.

Who are Aussie Apricots?

Out at ‘Mypo’—the climate, conditions, experience and commitment to quality is what makes their apricots, and in fact all of the fruit they grow, some of the best quality in Australia.

But, don’t let their name fool you, these guys do a lot more than apricots (although this delicious fleshy sundried fruit remains their most popular product).

They also grow and process oranges, peaches, avocadoes and source mandarins, ginger and prunes from SA producers—all contributing to their growing list of exceptional tastes.

One of the best things about these guys, is they proudly source all of their fruit from South Australian, and in fact—about 90% of it from Mypolonga—meaning they’re supporting local farmers and families, while feeding us.

People from all over Australia come and taste our apricots. Then They go back to their local supermarkets and tell them they need to stock ours.

Kathy & Paul Prosser

Why you’ll love their produce…

If you’ve ever tasted a delicious chocolate-covered apricot in South Australia, then there’s a good chance that Aussie Apricots had something to do with it.

Each of the hand-picked, hand-cut, hand-dried pieces of fruit are cared for with quality in mind—so much so in fact, that Paul and Kathy Prosser brought all of their fruit processing in-house almost two decades ago. They wanted to oversee quality control from their orchard, all the way through to the supermarket shelf and have since even purchased their own quality testing machine to ensure the highest quality of fruit only comes through their sheds.

Aussie Apricots are also trying their hand at beauty products, using the oil from apricot kernels, avocadoes and buffalo milk for soaps and lotions; and in the coming years they’re set to open a new event centre to complement their store and vintage car museum.

Aussie Apricots
Fast facts about Aussie Apricots

Process and prepare about 70 tonne of fruit each year

40+ outlets stock, 50+ products in SA and WA

3rd generation fruit growers

Source almost 90% of fruit from Mypolonga

1.5 tonne chocolate every 3-4 weeks Aussie Apricots Find

Extra Tasty Fact

The cooler nights in summer at Mypolonga provide the perfect growing conditions for apricots ensuring the fruit is thicker and tastier.


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