8-Day Regional Leadership Development Program

Our primary objective is to cultivate impactful and empowered leaders who deeply engage with communities, ensuring that diverse voices are respected and heard shaping the future of our region.

About the Program

The learning experiences we provide are specifically designed to support emerging leaders in their growth, development, and meaningful connections with fellow participants, as well as the people, organisations, and places within their respective communities.

Through our program, leaders will cultivate essential adaptive capabilities, enabling them to foster consensus through active participation, nurture the growth of individuals for the future, and embody qualities such as integrity, empathy, self-awareness, influence, courage, humility, respect, gratitude, honesty, effective communication, and collaboration.

Program Dates

3 Nov + 10 Nov + 1 Dec 2023


The cost is being partly funded by the RLDP program, reducing the individual cost per participant.


Currently Underway

How does it work?

The Murraylands and Riverland Leadership Development Program consists of:

Workshop 1 (2-day opening retreat)

Getting to know yourself and others and Adaptive Leadership

Workshop 2 (1-day)

Leading people and Performance

Workshop 3 (1-day)

Leading Change and Culture

Workshop 4 (1-day)

Goverance and Finance

Workshop 5 (1-day)

Grants, fundraising and Public relations

Workshop 6 (1-day)

Powerful Communication

Workshop 7 (2-day)

Graduation Dinner and Reflection Day

Expected Outcomes

Increase ability to communicate well and with confidence

Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style, traits and values

Discover mindful leadership as you build your resilience and adaptability

Feel confident and empowered to take action and initiate change in areas that are important to you and the community

Build connections and relationships with your peers and networks of other community leaders

30 Participants
  • Representing all 8 LGA areas of the region.
  • Employment – Fulltime, Part-time, Casual and Business Owners
  • Aged between 18 to 65
Employment Sectors represented:
  • Local Government
  • Tourism / Hospitality / Accommodation
  • Information Media / Telecommunications
  • Health Services / Education
  • Employment / Community Services
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Agriculture / Horticulture
What is important to these participants?
  • Effective Communication
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Relationship Building
  • Leading Change
  • Trust in Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Connection to Community and Region


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