2020 Strategic Plan

Our 2020 Strategic Plan is based on extensive consultation with our regional communities, organisations and businesses. It provides guidance for industry and government bodies, businesses and community groups to align their priorities to achieve better economic and social outcomes for everyone in our region.

RDAMR Strategic Plan

What does the 2020 plan involve?

Our vision is to create a vibrant and resilient region that capitalises on change, embraces economic development and prosperity, and provides an inspirational living, investment and working environment.

The goals we are pursuing over the next ten years to advance our vision are to:

1. Assist our primary production sector to grow sustainably

2. Extend our primary production success into other sectors

3. Assist our commercial, community and government organisations to increase their capability to deliver value for the region

4. Take a whole-of-region journey to unite the region under one identity

Are there jobs in your region?

What would attract people to relocate here?

What goods and services do you buy from outside the region, that you’d like to see available locally?

We can only achieve our vision if we work together. We encourage you to read the plan, consider how your organisation can align its efforts, and speak to us about potential partnerships.

We encourage you to take a look!

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