2020-2023 Strategic Plan

Our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan is based on extensive consultation with our regional communities, organisations and businesses. It provides guidance for industry and government bodies, businesses and community groups to align their priorities to achieve better economic and social outcomes for everyone in our region.

About the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

Our vision to 2030 is for the Murraylands and Riverland to be recognised internationally as a vibrant, world leading circular economy with high-performing businesses, resilient communities and individuals with a deep sense of wellbeing and connection with the world around us.

To achieve this vision, over the next three years, RDAMR will: connect with businesses; target investment on game-changing initiatives; track regional resource flows; foster community growth and development; and drive advancement toward a vibrant, world leading circular economy.

We will continuously seek to improve our organisational performance, learning from the best on the international stage. RDAMR will develop leading knowledge systems to enable us to provide informed, evidence-based advice and to take actions with confidence. We’ll work hard to build trust across stakeholders and communities, bringing partners along with us as we deliver on our goals.

RDAMR’s vision will be achieved through focusing on the foundational elements of organisational performance and knowledge systems, and the four pillars of business, skills, infrastructure and community that support regional development. Our progress against these goals will be tracked with regional economic, business and workforce indicators, and organisational performance indicators, as described and reported on in our Annual Business Plan.

We can only achieve our vision if we work together and encourage you to read the plan, consider how your organisation can align its efforts, and speak to us about potential partnerships.

We encourage you to take a look!

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